Immobilienmanager Award: Research project on the transformation of city centres nominated in the digitalisation category

We are delighted that our joint research project with Professor Nikolas Müller, the head of the Real Estate Management Institute at the European Business School and CBRE, has made it onto the "Digitalisation" shortlist for the Immobilienmanager Award 2024!

What is the aim of the project? Under the title "New processes of digital data usage strategies for the property industry", our team has successfully developed innovative digital data usage strategies, specifically for the transformation of German city centres.

This was based on the knowledge that traditional data sources in the property sector are limited. We have realised that data available in other sectors can also be used for the real estate industry, thanks to digitalisation.

The challenge lies in the fact that existing urban planning concepts are outdated in the wake of digitalisation processes. We have developed new strategies for using data to sustainably support city centre development.

Implementation was based on GPS mass mobile data and other digital data sets. We have developed tools that enable data-based analysis of city centre transformation for the first time.

The result is our tools that offer standardised and data-based insights into where and when locations are used, as well as user behaviour and purchasing power potential. This innovative data-based approach can revolutionise the process of drafting planning laws in particular. For the first time, it allows us to consider the effect of a developed environment on people and city users, and to optimise the efficiency of this key aspect in the design of our cities.

These ground-breaking developments demonstrate the potential of digital innovations in the property industry and set new standards for the future of the sector.

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