We revitalize city centres in tune with the times.

Midstad's heart beats for vibrant city centres. As one of the leading full-service real estate managers, we are building on the future of urban centres. As a project developer and asset and property manager, we are pioneering experts in urban transformation and contribute to furthering this field. We manage almost 600,000 square metres of space, in four countries and more than 47 cities – in Germany and Europe. We are currently realising nine construction projects – two new build and seven refurbishments of existing buildings, which we are implementing during ongoing building operations.

From concepts to building operations. From development to property management. From research-based consulting to project-driven stakeholder management: We create change. We are developing it with our Midstad properties using a valuable ESG strategy, versatility and visibility. We want to engage, inspire and delight people by making buildings – as vertical neighbourhoods – the centre of a lively community.

Midstad in focus: What moves the future of the city centre.

What will tomorrow's urban buildings need to achieve? Why does understanding come before action? How can we design city centres together? Click here to find out more.

360 degree

Midstad – 360-degree thinking for solution-oriented action.

We rely on a 360-degree approach, which enables us to act holistically. Midstad combines all value-adding functions from a single source and maximises the potential of every project.

As a partner to cities, we work on the basis of research, designing new and attractive utilisation concepts for inner-city retail properties. As an experienced project developer, we envision a diverse blend of uses, handle asset and property management and – typical of the Midstad approach – create operator concepts for attractive public facilities in our projects. In addition to our range of services within project development, asset management and property management, our approach offers two complementary service areas: Urban Concept Advisory and Smart Urban Services.

What sets our range of services apart

Integrated 360-degree management ensures a holistic approach and guarantees the best possible quality throughout the entire property cycle. Two areas in particular characterise our approach:

Urban Concept Advisory

Our network and many years of expertise form the necessary basis for optimum project implementation in the conceptualisation phase: in the planning phase, this includes targeted stakeholder management – a data-based derivation of the utilisation concept, which is individually tailored to each location. In addition, the early involvement of our experts minimises risk in the construction process – particularly when converting existing buildings while they are in operation.

Smart Urban Services

Active management and an attractive range of services for the users are necessary to ensure the long-term stability of a building's value and attractiveness. We therefore develop operator concepts that provide users with appropriate services and ideally combine the various uses. This includes, in particular, public uses such as coworking spaces, conference areas, multifunctional sports and events halls, restaurant concepts or modern residential and accommodation concepts. The aim is to establish a functional combination of uses in the building that breathes life into the entire neighbourhood, 24/7.

Radiant power from the centre – the principle of positive impact

And because every city is different, every Midstad property is unique. All of the buildings will be linked by a mix of uses that is tailored to the need of their relevant users. We believe that a property with as many attractive features as possible can have a positive impact on its immediate surroundings and thus make a significant contribution to the revitalisation of the city centre.

Hello and welcome to our ideal vision of a Midstad home!

And this is what a characteristic, versatile mix of uses in a Midstad property could look like – reflecting the needs of city centre users. From retail and office use to coworking spaces, accessible roof areas, conference areas, multifunctional halls for sports and events, restaurant and modern residential and accommodation concepts, we realise a wide range of options for the most diverse usage requirements. Thanks to an interconnected management system and the digital networking of all services, the different uses in the building can feed off each other and create a Midstad experience for visitors.


We rely on people and our foundation is our strong team.

The Midstad team at the regional offices in Frankfurt and Düsseldorf have many years of experience in the property sectors—as doers and visionaries, as project developers, real estate experts and asset managers. Working together, we develop inner-city spaces with an entrepreneurial spirit, a strong network and responsibility for real values.

Yasmine Amrabate

Head of Asset Management

Oliver Botscher


Selina Brinkmann-Sahm


Peter Christ

Senior Project Developer

Julia Cloppenburg

Managing Director

Iris Colvin-Smith

Senior Project Developer

Murat Damar

Project Manager

Verena Firner

Senior Project Manager

Florian Grafen

Senior Project Developer

Lukas Hagenberg

Project Developer

Monika Hägerich


Kläre Hahn

Project Developer

Gabriele Henrici


Oliver Herbeck

Head of Accounting & Tax

Stefan Hohoff

Project Manager

Christoph Irmisch

Senior Project Developer

Jan Jeblonski

Head of Controlling & Treasury

Lars Karopka

Energy Manager

Laura Leichsenring

Head of Human Resources

Manuela Lesemeister


Nadine Liebsch

Project Manager

Jannis Litsios

Project Developer

Andreas Löckmann

Senior Project Developer

Dr. Kevin Meyer

Managing Director

Sandra Müller

Project Manager

Philipp Nothdurft

Head of Asset Management

Jennifer Pulcher

Assistant to the Managing Director / Office Manager

Stefan Scharf

Project Manager

Max Schmiedt

Project Manager

Julia Schönyan


Thomas Spiegelberg

Senior Project Developer

Bea Steindor

Head of Marketing & Communications

Aliena Trillig

Project Developer

Andrea Verpoorten

Head of Public Affairs

Dr. Benjamin Wagner

Head of ESG & Innovation

Tim Weis

Project Developer